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The Strauss Group is an international food and beverage company, working to improve the lives of people around the world. The group’s home base is in Israel – where it is the largest food company. The group manages a portfolio of 4 businesses: Strauss Israel, Strauss Coffee, Strauss Water, PepsiCo Strauss Dips and Spreads. These businesses connect to two major and leading trends in the world – health and wellness, along with indulgence and pleasure.

Lageen Tubes

Since 1967, LAGEENTUBES has been offering tailor-made, cutting edge packaging tube solutions for diverse customers in over 30 countries across the globe. Based on 50 years of expertise and innovative thinking, we design, develop, produce and supply smart collapsible plastic and aluminum packaging tubes. Every tube is carefully designed to cater to the specific requirements of each customer in the cosmetics, personal care, hair care, oral care, pharmaceutical and food sectors.


Bringg Connecting People and Brands Through Innovative Delivery and Fulfillment. Our mission is to help companies scale up and optimize their customer experiences and logistics operations.
Our cloud platform connects, automates and orchestrates supply chain technology, people and providers, making innovative delivery and fulfillment models accessible and valuable to everyone.


Ginegar established in 1969 in Israel. Ginegar’s Plastic Products is today a publicly-traded, world-leading manufacturer of smart covers for intensive agriculture and horticulture applications, and the pioneer of 5 and 6-layer technology.


IDE is the world leader in water-treatment solutions. The company specializes in the development, engineering, construction and operation of enhanced small to mega-size sea and brackish water desalination facilities, industrial water treatment and water reuse plants, based on the most advanced technologies.


Reshit was established by the Ministry of Education – Elementary Division, Division for Professional Development, Mofet Institute in partnership with the Leon Family Foundation.This is a community that will be a place for continuous learning and will emphasize the needs of the educators in all aspects of the role: values, emotional, educational, pedagogical. The community will engage in shared struggles, dilemmas, period challenges and ways to overcome them.

Elementary School

The Israeli Division of Primary Education is one of the three age divisions in the Pedagogical Administration (pre-primary, primary and post-primary) and is a staff unit in charge of the pedagogical management of the primary education system.


Frontline PCB Solutions is the world leader in PCB CAM, Engineering, and Industry 4.0 software solutions, offering the only integrated pre-production solution that automates the entire process from quotation to the production floor.


ELVO has a proven track record of assembling and manufacturing capabilities of both military, civilian – special use vehicles. Furthermore, it has been amongst the few Greek companies investing in R&D, delivering and producing original designs. The new ELVO 2020 S.A. evolves even more; reinvigorated this time by the equal investment of two of the most prominent in the defense and special use vehicles industry companies: Plasan and SK Group.

Voyager Labs

Voyager Labs, a world leader in advanced AI-based investigation solutions, empowers organizations worldwide to gain deep investigative insights about entities, individuals, groups, and topics.


DSV is the third largest shipping company in the world. The company offers supply chain management solutions in over 80 countries.
DSV Israel has been a leader in the international forwarding and brokerage industry for over 50 years.


Galam is a world-leading manufacturer of sugar-based crystalline fructose and syrups. Its GOFOS™ product is a sweet tasty soluble prebiotic fiber that naturally occurs in small amounts in many fruits and vegetables, such as onions, garlic, bananas, and asparagus.


N-Drip is the first and only micro-irrigation solution powered by gravity. Providing precise irrigation, this disruptive technology is the most efficient alternative to flood irrigation and will significantly influence farming on a global scale.


Netafim is the world’s leading irrigation company, promoting smart irrigation systems that fight scarcity of food, water, and land. Thanks to agronomic expertise and innovative thinking, Netafim makes it possible for farmers everywhere to grow more crops, in any climate, with less water and less effort.


Picodya, a promising startup, offers a unique solution in the world of laboratory testing. They approached us with the challenge of branding this emerging company and creating a youthful yet distinctive graphic language that would suit the medical sector. It had to be somewhat conservative on the one hand, while conveying Picodya’s incredible creativity and originality on the other.


Maslulim (“Pathways”) was founded to help improve the lives of at-risk children and young people, while simultaneously working to shatter the glass ceiling and alter the negative paths that so many children growing up in Israel’s distressed neighborhoods find themselves fated to follow. The Maslulim team works in close cooperation with local authorities to help each of these children reach his or her own personal potential, establishing child-focused services and solutions that target education, child welfare, enrichment, and recreation in order to change so many lives for the better.


FreshDent is an e-commerce platform that enables a professional clientele to purchase a wide range of dental products and devices in one place, compare prices, and receive fast, efficient, comprehensive service with total transparency.


A global leader in the seed industry, Hazera combines decades of experience with state-of-the-art technology, offering customers a unique blend of expertise, commitment, and personal support. Hazera is known for breeding, developing, producing, and marketing seeds for a wide range of crop varieties worldwide.


Regenera aspires to change the devastating inevitability of long-term damage to the central nervous system, bringing light to patients where today there is only darkness and despair. Its lead drug candidate has the potential to restore neural function in a wide range of neurological and neurodegenerative disorders.


Positioned at the crossroads of medicine and nutrition, the professional Nutritional Growth Solutions team focuses their research on the interaction between nutrition and growth. Thanks to a wealth of practical and clinical knowledge, NGS has developed evidence-based clinically-tested nutritional solutions for children.

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Gadot Agro has long been a leading force in the supply of high-quality agricultural products and services to farmers in Israel and all over the globe. The company imports, distributes, develops, manufactures, and exports a variety of crop protection products and biotechnology solutions.


PresenTense promotes social change through entrepreneurship. By creating opportunities for thousands of people from all walks of life across Israel, PresenTense makes entrepreneurship accessible to all.

Pret a Paquet

Pret-a-Paquet‘s trend-setting compartmentalized lunchboxes redefine the process of packing and bringing lunch to work, turning it into a fun, simple experience. Designed with an eye toward fashion, their stylish selection of insulated lunch kits provides the perfect solution for taking food and drinks with you wherever you go.

Jojoba Desert

Jojoba Desert is the world’s leading jojoba oil manufacturer and provider, offering a variety of jojoba oil-based products to top international cosmetics brands, manufacturers, laboratories, and distributors with end-to-end production coverage and traceability.

Port & Blue

Port and Blue boutique suites hotel invites every guest to be swept up in a whirlwind of seaside adventure. This boutique hotel celebrates the relationship between the city, sea, and port, while highlighting the contrasts of the urban cityscape and the infinite expanse of turquoise waves.


Aminolab is Israel’s leading analytical laboratory services company in a variety of fields, serving all industries. With over 30 years’ experience, Aminolab delivers proven professionalism, accurate results, and reliable first-class solutions for every test.

Israel Post

The Philatelic Service is the body responsible for issuing postal stamps, postmarks, and first day covers, and for philately at the Israel Postal Company. At Giraff, we had the great honor of being selected to design stamps for the Philatelic Service.


Kamea is one of Israel’s most prestigious contemporary dance companies, with a distinctive style that combines strong dramatic themes and intense virtuosic movement. Artistic director Tamir Ginz creates a richly layered world through his colorful and expressive choreography, while Kamea’s 14 versatile, passionate dancers (from Israel and all over the world) bring their unique personalities and creative talents to bear on each work.


The traditional Hungarian pastry known as kürtőskalács is baked on large wooden skewers, around which thin strips of sweet yeast dough are wrapped to form a spiral cylinder. This product will be sold in the company’s branches under the name “Roll”.


ASI‘s goal is to improve patient care through advanced biomedical imaging. The company develops novel diagnostic solutions for the clinical and research communities, providing outstanding clinical value and an exceptional user experience, tailored to meet laboratory needs. ASI’s digital systems provide vital tools that pathology, cytogenetics, and research laboratories need to accommodate the growing demands of 21st century diagnostics.


Old pieces tell a story, snippets of a life. Tales of times gone by, of places, people, and dreams. Sifting through markets, galleries, and private collections, Dana seeks out and carefully curates vintage items that fashion has passed by. The variety of quality textures and materials, sizes and shapes, connections and spaces, ensures that each one-of-a-kind piece is truly unique, original in both design and presence, and filled with soul, spirit, light, and softness.

Israel Guide Dog

Guide dogs allows a blind and vision impaired person to live a life of, independence with full mobility and self-confidence. For the past three decades, the IGDCB has been a thriving example of social integration and a catalyst for change.
A guide dog allows for freedom and safe mobility; upright and at a fast or leisurely pace, which affords the blind individual the ability to conduct his/her life in a spontaneous manner.


The KiyomiTea concept represents a new approach to selling tea, through a professional retail chain. This concept was born when the company’s founders were traveling through the Far East. There, they became immersed in the mysteries of East Asian tea culture, and were inspired to introduce this fascinating culture to the western world in a way that would make it easier for western societies to embrace.