ASI’s goal is to improve patient care through advanced biomedical imaging. The company develops novel diagnostic solutions for the clinical and research communities, providing outstanding clinical value and an exceptional user experience, tailored to meet laboratory needs. ASI’s digital systems provide vital tools that pathology, cytogenetics, and research laboratories need to accommodate the growing demands of 21st century diagnostics.

The story of ASI is a tale of innovation, creativity, and science spanning more than 20 years.




With the ASI project, the main challenge was to develop a brand language that would be expressed mainly through the company’s website and brochures. We needed to differentiate between ASI’s various products, so that they would all have clear individual identities, while simultaneously ensuring that the entire product range, taken as a whole, would speak the same language and convey a consistent message.


We divided ASI’s activities into 6 areas, each of which was represented by a unique icon language. Although ASI is a B2B company dealing with professional labs, it was still important to us to highlight the human face of the company throughout the branding process. ASI’s products help with diagnostics and saving lives. Therefore, it was only natural to use human-centric visuals and warm, compassionate messages, even when branding a B2B company.

Branding identity


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