Year:Since 2018

Gadot Agro has long been a leading force in the supply of high-quality agricultural products and services to farmers in Israel and all over the globe. The company imports, distributes, develops, manufactures, and exports a variety of crop protection products and biotechnology solutions.

Gadot is one of Israel's best-known, most respected companies. Could we give this familiar brand an image overhaul without harming its existing assets?


When it came to rebranding a leading, well-known company, we faced a significant professional challenge: building a fresh, contemporary brand language without detracting from Gadot’s current, instantly-recognizable brand assets.


We built a contemporary brand language through the use of visuals with a consistent theme, including icons that effectively conveyed the brand’s messages. We also designed and constructed a new website with a fresh, modern look, while also redesigning packaging and labels in line with the company’s new brand language.



Fresh Dent

FreshDent is an e-commerce platform that enables a professional clientele to purchase a wide range of dental products and devices in one place, compare prices, and receive fast, efficient, comprehensive service with total transparency.
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