Jojoba Desert is the world’s leading jojoba oil manufacturer and provider, offering a variety of jojoba oil-based products to top international cosmetics brands, manufacturers, laboratories, and distributors with end-to-end production coverage and traceability.

Jojoba Desert carries your care, leading the next generation of premium jojoba oil-based products.




The most significant challenge for us during any branding process is differentiation. This becomes even more challenging and complex when there is really no product differentiation, so we must achieve differentiation solely on a branding level.


We formulated a solution during the strategic process, when we worked alongside the strategic team to develop branding for related products based on jojoba oil. In this way, we could brand the company as a groundbreaking leader, not simply due to the oil itself, but also based on products derived from the oil. In this context, we designed a complete, emotional graphic language based on the “Carrying Your Care” message.



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