The KiyomiTea concept represents a new approach to selling tea, through a professional retail chain. This concept was born when the company’s founders were traveling through the Far East. There, they became immersed in the mysteries of East Asian tea culture, and were inspired to introduce this fascinating culture to the western world in a way that would make it easier for western societies to embrace.

Some of life's greatest pleasures can be found in the simple things and there's nothing more basic, yet wonderful, than enjoying a steaming cup of tea on a cold and rainy day.




KiyomiTea opens the door to a fascinating, wonderfully rich culture within an exciting, enchanting, and deeply sensual realm. During our explorations, research, and creative thinking, we never failed to be moved and inspired by our journeys through the art and cultural heritage of Japan and China. These journeys elicited powerful emotions, generating a strong urge to share our discoveries by revealing the magical world of tea and its many thrilling possibilities.


We were guided through the creative process by two tea culture basics: harmony and sensuality. The integration of ancient tea culture with a modern brand enabled us to create a brand identity that blended multilayered visual elements, colors, textures, and images in perfect harmony. The feminine voice in the KiyomiTea brand name is loud and clear, sending a message of beauty, purity, and sensuality, which is immediately followed by a slogan that invites everyone to discover and experience the hidden mysteries of tea.

Israel Post

The Philatelic Service is the body responsible for issuing postal stamps, postmarks, and first day covers, and for philately at the Israel Postal Company. At Giraff, we had the great honor of being selected to design stamps for the Philatelic Service.
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