Positioned at the crossroads of medicine and nutrition, the professional Nutritional Growth Solutions team focuses their research on the interaction between nutrition and growth. Thanks to a wealth of practical and clinical knowledge, NGS has developed evidence-based clinically-tested nutritional solutions for children.

In a clinical study, children consuming NGS formula improved their height and weight.


Messaging in the medical world always poses a complex, yet interesting challenge. In this project, we faced the task of defining and designing a website that would get across the message of a reliable product that helps children grow. The design had to suit the intended audience of children and families on the one hand, while on the other conveying a sense of credibility and professionalism in the medical world.


We designed a colorful, youthful website inspired by the product’s key messages. Using motifs drawn from the world of children, alongside strong human images and optimistic, positive messages, we also included messages that focused on medical research and professionalism.


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