About: Picodya, a promising startup, offers a unique solution in the world of laboratory testing. They approached us with the challenge of branding this emerging company and creating a youthful yet distinctive graphic language that would suit the medical sector. It had to be somewhat conservative on the one hand, while conveying Picodya’s incredible creativity and originality on the other.

Designing and developing an original font during the branding process is a design challenge that enables us to create an entire graphic language derived from the font.


When working with startups, the challenge lies in finding the right language to convey a message that is usually focused on innovation and breakthroughs. As Picodya is active in a very conservative arena, we had to craft a unique, innovative graphic language that would faithfully serve the company’s innovation and creative spirit.


As part of the branding process, we built a unique font based on circles and dots – forms inspired by the product itself, as its results are expressed through a pattern of dots. This pattern is closely linked to the visual results of laboratory testing. That’s why we gave it a place of honor in the graphic language. By developing this font, we were able to create a unique graphic language that plays with the same essential forms. It’s great to see how this language stands by itself, even without the logo being present.





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