Port and Blue boutique suites hotel invites every guest to be swept up in a whirlwind of seaside adventure. This boutique hotel celebrates the relationship between the city, sea, and port, while highlighting the contrasts of the urban cityscape and the infinite expanse of turquoise waves.

Reflecting Tel Aviv's vivacious Mediterranean spirit, Port and Blue invites every guest to be swept up in a whirlwind of seaside adventure.




The hugely competitive Tel Aviv hotel industry presents an immense challenge when creating a unique, distinctive brand. How is a stay at this hotel really different from staying at the hotel next door? We were tasked with differentiating Port and Blue’s hospitality experience, focusing on its unique location and design.


One of the main challenges was deciding on a hotel name. We settled on a name that highlighted the hotel’s exceptional location: by the port and facing the blue sea. The branding then also emphasized the strategic location and the suite accommodation experience at a boutique hotel. We designed the in-room stationery, website, and signage for the hallways and rooms.


Pret a Paquet

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