Pret-a-Paquet’s trend-setting compartmentalized lunchboxes redefine the process of packing and bringing lunch to work, turning it into a fun, simple experience. Designed with an eye toward fashion, their stylish selection of insulated lunch kits provides the perfect solution for taking food and drinks with you wherever you go.

For this branding process, we needed to be super creative – to rethink the messages and set aside what seems clear and obvious.




When branding Pret-a-Paquet, it was important to break away from the obvious messages and set the brand apart from its competitors, who focus on health and economical benefits. Instead, we wanted to introduce a sophisticated, eye-catching innovative solution to the shelf.


We initially conducted a strategic process that involved studying the competition, and we quickly realized that they were all fixating on the messages of health and savings. Our solution sprang from the world of fashion, as we wanted to craft a really in-demand product – a designer gadget that would bring a new language to the lunchbox category. We designed a complete branding process that included the logo, the fabric design, and the boxes themselves.



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