Regenera aspires to change the devastating inevitability of long-term damage to the central nervous system, bringing light to patients where today there is only darkness and despair. Its lead drug candidate has the potential to restore neural function in a wide range of neurological and neurodegenerative disorders.

Helping patients regain what was lost and bringing light where there is darkness and despair.


The challenge posed by the Regenera project was branding and designing a website for the medical sector that would express optimistic messages while simultaneously explaining the drug’s capabilities.


When designing the logo, we highlighted its links, connections, and continuity in order to convey the message of a company that has developed a product to address neurological damage. We then continued the language of the logo throughout the website design to express an optimistic message to patients, with the use of icons and a clear, colorful language that gets across a calming, professional message.



Responsive design



The traditional Hungarian pastry known as kürtőskalács is baked on large wooden skewers, around which thin strips of sweet yeast dough are wrapped to form a spiral cylinder. This product will be sold in the company's branches under the name "Roll".

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