The traditional Hungarian pastry known as kürtőskalács is baked on large wooden skewers, around which thin strips of sweet yeast dough are wrapped to form a spiral cylinder. This product will be sold in the company’s branches under the name “Roll”.

Everyone is kneaded out of the same dough, but not baked in the same oven.




For this project, our challenge was to create a suitable language for the American bakery market that would communicate the uniqueness of this spiral product and convey the special eating experience as you unwrap the spiral layers.


We created a fun brand language based on tastes and aromas. The circular, handwritten logo suggests the way you can eat and play with the product, which unravels in a spiral shape. The colors and graphic language convey the experience and promise of the product through free graphic language, dynamic elements, and layers of typography and icons. We wanted to express the experience of working with the soft dough and special merchandise: branded aprons, shirts, and other items, all with a graphic language that communicates the fun of baking.


Jojoba Desert

Jojoba Desert is the world’s leading jojoba oil manufacturer and provider, offering a variety of jojoba oil-based products to top international cosmetics brands, manufacturers, laboratories, and distributors with end-to-end production coverage and traceability.

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