About: The Strauss Group is an international food and beverage company, working to improve the lives of people around the world. The group’s home base is in Israel – where it is the largest food company. The group manages a portfolio of 4 businesses: Strauss Israel, Strauss Coffee, Strauss Water, PepsiCo Strauss Dips and Spreads. These businesses connect to two major and leading trends in the world – health and wellness, along with indulgence and pleasure.

Food packaging design. Huge love and great responsibility.


Designing food packaging is a big challenge. Our design meets the customer on the shelf before tasting the product. The packaging design greatly influences the choice of the client. A very big challenge and a huge responsibility.


The packaging design process is complex and challenging. We work with an accurate brief , inspirations from all over the around the world to maximize the customer experience, to design a coveted product that will make the customer prefer it over competitors. At a glance on a competitive shelf make we design our product to stand out and convey the experience of taste.

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