For Fun


Black White

Stationery – Our great love. We like nothing better than giving our customers a little something to remember us by: a beautiful memento linked to our brand messages.

Black White is a set of notebooks and pop-up cards that express Giraff’s central message: We Aim Higher.


CanVelo is a unique tandem biking club for sighted and visually impaired cyclists who participate in rides all over Israel and around the globe, giving blind people a renewed sense of independence and freedom.

As the club has been running for more than 10 years, we designed a special plaque that can be awarded to members who have been with the club for a long period, as a token of love and appreciation.

Giraff Laser Cut

Since we’re talking about our love for stationery, we should also mention that we designed another set of super-colorful notebooks, this time using state-of-the-art laser cutting technology that lets us cut complex designs into the paper.

Here, too, the most important message was our creativity – We Aim Higher – coupled with a clear, surprising image upon opening the notebook: a giraffe and a lion.

Daria’s Book

Daria’s Book is an especially exciting project, telling the tale of a breeding bitch at the Israel Guide Dog Center. This is really a story about my brother Ofer, who was seriously injured in a car accident and became a foster parent to Daria during her years of service,

but it is also the story of Daria’s life, her important and complex role, and the enduring friendship between Daria and Ofer.

I'm Watching You

One of our biggest loves is designing T-shirts. For clients and special occasions we design T-shirts with special messages to get topical attention and discourse. Design shirts are a standout product for gifts and merchandise.