Aminolab is Israel’s leading analytical laboratory services company in a variety of fields, serving all industries. With over 30 years’ experience, Aminolab delivers proven professionalism, accurate results, and reliable first-class solutions for every test.

Empowering you to research, develop, and manufacture safe, high quality products. Reliability proven by millions of tests.




We were brought on board to supply comprehensive branding, including designing a logo and graphic language, as well as the jewel in the crown – designing and building a website. The inherent challenge here was to convey a message of uncompromising professionalism and reliability.


Sometimes the company name itself enables us to convey a clear, prominent message. By integrating a checkmark in the letter M, we were able to emphasize the professional message of the lab world. In a single glance, we expressed the message of a trustworthy company that can be counted on, and we implemented this brand language throughout the company’s stationery, brochures, and internet.


Responsive Design

Branding identity


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