Old pieces tell a story, snippets of a life. Tales of times gone by, of places, people, and dreams. Sifting through markets, galleries, and private collections, Dana seeks out and carefully curates vintage items that fashion has passed by. The variety of quality textures and materials, sizes and shapes, connections and spaces, ensures that each one-of-a-kind piece is truly unique, original in both design and presence, and filled with soul, spirit, light, and softness.

Old pieces tell a story, snippets of a life. Tales of times gone by, of places, people and dreams.




The main challenge lay in the fact we were branding a project by an artist, a designer. When working with an artist, we have to get inside his head and translate his personal dream, associations, and inner world of imagery into a graphic language that will work alongside and support the artist. It is always important that the artistry will stand out, rather than the branding.


The solution for this particular project grew out of Dana’s personal creative process, as we accompanied her during visits to various markets. We created a romantic language that corresponded with the lighting fixtures, conveying a message of dreamy nostalgia. We combined shapes and textures, colors and materials to create a brand that expressed Dana’s design language and communicated her dream.

Branding Identity


The KiyomiTea concept represents a new approach to selling tea, through a professional retail chain. This concept was born when the company's founders were traveling through the Far East. There, they became immersed in the mysteries of East Asian tea culture, and were inspired to introduce this fascinating culture to the western world in a way that would make it easier for western societies to embrace.
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