About: The Philatelic Service is the body responsible for issuing postal stamps, postmarks, and first day covers, and for philately at the Israel Postal Company. At Giraff, we had the great honor of being selected to design stamps for the Philatelic Service.

A stamp – the whole world in the palm of your hand. These small illustrated, decorated rectangles have real monetary value and allow anything, big or small, to be mailed across thousands of miles to any destination worldwide.


As graphic designers, this was not an easy challenge. We were required to express a worthy idea, which generally reflected Israeli history, culture, and daily life, all within a very small space – possibly the smallest design format in existence.


For each stamp, the challenge and solution were the same – always being guided by the topic at hand, choosing one clear message, and then consistently following that message, as it is not possible to express multiple messages in such a small format. We maintained a clean design at all times and checked every design stage at its true size.


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