Kamea is one of Israel’s most prestigious contemporary dance companies, with a distinctive style that combines strong dramatic themes and intense virtuosic movement. Artistic director Tamir Ginz creates a richly layered world through his colorful and expressive choreography, while Kamea’s 14 versatile, passionate dancers (from Israel and all over the world) bring their unique personalities and creative talents to bear on each work.

Unique style that combines strong dramatic themes and intense virtuosic movement.




Branding a dance company is an unparalleled challenge, because it involves translating the artistic language of a choreographer into a graphic language that expresses not only the company’s unique style of movement, but also the works of guest choreographers from around the world.


We based Kamea’s branding on messages that incorporated the company’s dramatic, richly illustrative movement language. Alongside the overall company branding, we also gave each individual project and overseas work its own unique brand, inspired by the imagery of the specific project. We also crafted an illustrative link with the company’s geographical location in Beer Sheva, highlighting its productive, dramatic work, which often has an Eastern flavor.

Branding identity


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