About: Maslulim (“Pathways”) was founded to help improve the lives of at-risk children and young people, while simultaneously working to shatter the glass ceiling and alter the negative paths that so many children growing up in Israel’s distressed neighborhoods find themselves fated to follow. The Maslulim team works in close cooperation with local authorities to help each of these children reach his or her own personal potential, establishing child-focused services and solutions that target education, child welfare, enrichment, and recreation in order to change so many lives for the better.

These are the kinds of projects that open our hearts and uplift our spirits.




For this type of branding project, our challenge was to convey complex messages in a positive, optimistic way that would encourage the target audience to really engage with this important topic, rather than tending to dismiss or ignore it.


By using a bright, cheerful palette, we were able to create an optimistic, appealing, youth-oriented graphic language with specially-selected visuals intended to speak to children and teens of all ages.

We conveyed the idea of each child having his or her own personal path in the form of a typographic logo that depicts the unique “pathway” that gives Maslulim its name.

Elementary Education Division

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