FreshDent is an e-commerce platform that enables a professional clientele to purchase a wide range of dental products and devices in one place, compare prices, and receive fast, efficient, comprehensive service with total transparency.

Branding a startup company is both challenging and especially interesting. We are aware of the huge responsibility we have at this stage, when the company is taking its first steps.




For the promising FreshDent startup, we were tasked with designing a distinctive, eye-catching logo that could lead the company’s overall graphic language throughout its various products, and particularly on its e-commerce app.


We designed a logo that reflects the company’s overall language through the use of the letter “e”, which conveys the optimistic message of a smile – a dual message that touches on the dental world, and also the way people can work and connect via the app. This “e” icon is now being used by the company as the core graphic element that enables rapid identification with the service it offers.



Galam is a world-leading manufacturer of sugar-based crystalline fructose and syrups. Its GOFOS™ product is a sweet tasty soluble prebiotic fiber that naturally occurs in small amounts in many fruits and vegetables, such as onions, garlic, bananas, and asparagus.
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