Guide dogs allows a blind and vision impaired person to live a life of, independence with full mobility and self-confidence. For the past three decades, the IGDCB has been a thriving example of social integration and a catalyst for change.
A guide dog allows for freedom and safe mobility; upright and at a fast or leisurely pace, which affords the blind individual the ability to conduct his/her life in a spontaneous manner.

Working with an association that changes people's lives reminds us why we do what we do.




There is a great challenge in working with an association, when the product is not a service or an object, it is a special dog. We need to find the right way to tell the life-changing story.
This project had another unconventional challenge, working with Braille in signage that should be not only beautiful and functional.


Working with the Guide dog Center, we handled general branding and environmental branding. Our work included the design of the logo and graphic language in all the marketing matirials, the design of the signage and the branding of the operational environment.


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