The National Library of Israel (NLI), located in Jerusalem, is tasked with preserving the cultural treasures of the State of Israel and of the Jewish People, and provides a home for Jewish works and heritage. NLI holds more than five million printed and archival items, including periodicals, maps, books, audio materials, and more. Branding for a once-in-2000-years competition.

“We achieve greatness by handing our values onto the next generation and empowering them to go and build the future”

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Kamea is one of Israel's most prestigious contemporary dance companies, with a distinctive style that combines strong dramatic themes and intense virtuosic movement. Artistic director Tamir Ginz creates a richly layered world through his colorful and expressive choreography, while Kamea's 14 versatile, passionate dancers (from Israel and all over the world) bring their unique personalities and creative talents to bear on each work.
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